Keep up-to-date with current news and weather with Coffee..

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Our app is available to install on Ubuntu

Simply run these two lines in the terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:coffee-team/coffee && sudo apt update

sudo apt install

Hand Pick Your News

Select from a range of sources to get only the news you're interested in!

News Sources

Choose from a selection of news sources, provided by News API. More can be added on request

Weather Forecast

Get detailed weather forecast for now and 5 days, provided by DarkSky

Automatic Location

We detect your location automatically, or specify a custom location

Open Source

View the source and use in whichever way you'd like

Release Notes


A couple of bug fixes

This new release is looking to fix a couple of issues raised from our initial release


  • Added close button to top bar
  • Removed reload button and replaced with settings icon
  • Settings icon added to resources to solve missing icon issue
  • User can now refresh view by pressing F5
  • Web links are opened in default browser rather than in Coffee


Initial Release

We are happy to announce our initial release of Coffee.


  • Select from from 8 different news sources from around the web
  • Automatic location detection for acurate weather reports
  • Weather summary for the days with current conditions
  • 5 day forecasts to help with future plans
  • Always-on-top and fixed position display