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Our app is available to install on the follow platforms

Simply run these two lines in the terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:coffee-team/coffee && sudo apt update

sudo apt install

Run this in terminal (with Yaourt)

sudo yaourt coffee-git

Hand Pick Your News

Select from a range of sources to get only the news you're interested in!

News Sources

Choose from 44 news sources from around the web, provided by News API. More can be added on request

Weather Forecast

Get detailed weather forecast for now and 5 days, provided by DarkSky

Automatic Location

We detect your location automatically, or specify a custom location

Open Source

View the source and use in whichever way you'd like

Release Notes


35 news sources added with a tree view selection based on categories

A fairly big change with additional news sources, new easy manner in which to browse them and bug fixes


  • 35 news sources added to list: Wired (de), The Verge, Independent, Metro, Reddit-r-all, ABC News AU, Al Jazeera, Bild, CNN, The Lad Bible, The Washington Post, Time, Ars Technica, Focus, to name a few ...
  • New window to browse sources via categories
  • Fix for weather forecast icon displaying in different heights
  • Fix news reload issue when pressing F5 with automatic geolocation turned on


A couple of bug fixes

This new release is looking to fix a couple of issues raised from our initial release


  • Added close button to top bar
  • Removed reload button and replaced with settings icon
  • Settings icon added to resources to solve missing icon issue
  • User can now refresh view by pressing F5
  • Web links are opened in default browser rather than in Coffee


Initial Release

We are happy to announce our initial release of Coffee.


  • Select from from 8 different news sources from around the web
  • Automatic location detection for acurate weather reports
  • Weather summary for the days with current conditions
  • 5 day forecasts to help with future plans
  • Always-on-top and fixed position display